Confessions of a Mediocre Widow

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Confessions of a Mediocre Widow Paperback – 30 Jan 2014

Just days before her 11th wedding anniversary, 31-year-old Catherine Tidd, a wife and mother of three children under the age of six, was told that her husband was going to die. After crashing headlong into the side of a truck while riding his motorcycle to work, Brad Tidd was rushed to the hospital where complications led to his death. In one moment, Catherine s entire life was thrown into upheaval. The future they planned together was gone and there was no road-map for how to grieve for her husband. Delving into websites and books, no one could quite relate to her experience. How do you support your children when you're falling apart? How do you get a job when you have three young kids at home? When is it okay to date? You can use the life insurance money to buy a sports car if it makes you feel better, right? This is a look at love, loss, and how we cope the changes that life throws at us.

I've enjoyed reading this. It's an excellent self-help book (written with honesty and humour) for anyone who suddenly finds themself widowed and involuntarily single. Although Catherine was a lot younger than me when she lost her husband and her children were younger than mine, I have shared many of her experiences and thoughts: the dilemma over the ring; looking for signs; the manic decorator phase etc etc. This book had me alternating between tears of sadness and tears of laughter. It has left me feeling very positive about the future, less lonely - and a lot less guilty.
Link to Amazon - Confessions of a Mediocre Widow
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