Widow.co.uk is a free to use forum for people who have been widowed or bereaved of a spouse or life partner.

In the days, weeks and months after a bereavement it can be difficult to come to terms with the loss. Family and friends will do all they can to help, but many find it difficult to understand the difficulties faced by those who have suffered a bereavement.

By joining our forum and getting to know other widowed and bereaved people it can help with understanding that the emotions you are going through are completely normal.

How to join:
  • Simply register for an account on the forum by answering a few basic questions.
  • Check your emails for the confirmation email (look in your spam box if you don't see it) and follow the instructions in there.
  • Then, after confirming your new account, your logged in and can introduce yourself to the members.
Tips on using the forum:
  • On your first visit, read other peoples posts and messages, you'll soon get an idea of how everything works.
  • When you feel ready, post an introduction message in the Introduction Area
  • Remember, pop back later to see the replies from other members.
Be safe online
We want to you to have the best experience on the forum and your safety is important to us. We have put together a set of RULES for members in addition to the advice below.

Here are some steps you can take to assure your privacy on this forum:
  • Do not post any information that you do not want the world to see.
  • If you do not want your name to be seen, use a different name.
  • Report any suspected trolls, spammers, or anyone that is bullying to the moderators or administrators.
  • Do not give out personal information to anyone.
Keep in mind
  • Once you share something online you no longer have control of it
  • Your post will be online for years to come
  • Some people may use your post in ways you did not intend
  • Some people may share your information to others that you do not approve
  • If you want complete anonymity you must not give out any personal information
Widow.co.uk is not an organisation, club, charity, counselling service or other type of entity with a presence anywhere other than the Internet and is offered without charge to its users and members.